So, you want to be a Raptor?

First, read this post from Mark Bullock, our Director of Rugby. Here he lays out the Raptor’s recruitment philosophy and outlines various avenues for player advancement.

To be considered for the salaried men’s professional team (The Raptors), aspiring athletes must be recruited by our professional staff, or demonstrate appropriate ability by first competing on our men’s Pacific Rugby Premiership team (The Merlins). The professional Raptors team is a founding member of the United States’ professional rugby league, Major League Rugby, which competes from January through June.

The men’s amatuer team, The Merlins, compete in the Pacific Rugby Premiership from January through May. Travel expenses are covered for players selected to the team. Glendale Raptors Rugby Academy team is part of the program’s professional development pathway, and players are recruited nationally and locally.

Glendale has two adult women’s teams, both called The Merlins. The Women’s Premier League (WPL) team competes at the highest level of women’s rugby, and travel expenses are covered for players selected to the team. The WPL Merlins play in the fall, with players recruited either by coaching staff or by demonstrating their ability while first playing for the developmental Division I team. The women’s Division I team competes in the Frontier Union and plays in the spring.

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For further information contact:

Professional Men and Rugby Academy: Mark Bullock, Director of Rugby
Amateur Men and Women’s Rugby: Luke Gross, Director of Amateur Rugby