Raptors Players Landry, Cook Out For 3 Weeks

By Sara Wright

Following the judiciary process that came as a result of red cards issued in last Saturday’s match against the Austin Elite, Raptors starting lock Ben Landry and flanker Connor Cook will both be out for three weeks, ineligible for play until May 14.

Both red cards were delivered for infractions of World Rugby law 9.18 that states a player must not lift an opponent off the ground and drop or drive that player so that their head and/or upper body make contact with the ground.

During their three-week suspension, the players will miss regular season matches against Seattle, Utah and San Diego. The three weeks suspension is actually a reduction from six weeks, as it was deemed these players were not acting out in an intentional or deliberate manner.

“Obviously, we are very disappointed to lose these two,” Head Coach David Williams said. “But, ultimately this will allow for other players to step up and make their mark on the team.”