Glendale’s Hampton Inn & Suites: Official Hotel Partner of the Glendale Raptors

Sponsor partnerships are a pillar of the Infinity Park experience, an essential element of what makes Glendale the focal point of rugby in the United States. Though the venue has many sponsor partners, few have as lasting and mutually beneficial history as Hampton Inn & Suites Denver-Cherry Creek. Just as Infinity Park celebrated the first decade of its existence in September of 2017, 2018 will mark ten years of fruitful partnership with Hampton. Erica Olenick, General Manager of the hotel reports that being the official partner hotel to the Glendale Raptors “makes the Hampton Inn & Suites a place to go to not just through.”

With more than 2,000 locations across the globe, Hampton by Hilton, the company that owns and operates Hampton travel destinations, is a truly international operation. Opening its doors in the heart of Glendale in 1999, the Hampton Inn & Suites Denver-Cherry Creek features 133 spacious guest rooms and suites, all well-suited to provide great value and comfort to both leisure and business travelers. General Manager Olenick reports that in addition to the hotel’s excellent location, it offers the chain’s signature Clean and Fresh Hampton Bed, alongside generous complimentary extras like a hot breakfast, WiFi, and all-day coffee. The Glendale location is also eagerly anticipating the completion of renovations to its indoor pool, hot tub, and scenic deck.

Alongside the rest of Glendale, and rugby fans nationally, the hotel is also looking forward to next year’s arrival of Major League Rugby and the emergence of the Raptors as a founding member of the new professional organization. Olenick reports that the hotel’s original partnership with Glendale’s flagship sporting venue was based on proximity to the facility (some guest rooms even feature a view of the pitch and Jumbo screen), but that the relationship blossomed over the years as the hotel recognized that sponsorship possibilities at Infinity Park were endless.

New for 2018, Hampton Inn & Suites will become the official hotel partner for the Glendale Raptors professional team, housing not just fans and visitors, but also rival teams and coaches. Olenick anticipates that the hotel’s historic successes in this long-term partnership will compound in the coming year: “Based on a successful tenure sponsoring Infinity Park, the Raptors, the Merlins, and great events like the RugbyTown Sevens tournament, our additional sponsorship will continue to foster the relationship we have with the players and visitors who stay with us each year.”

Olenick noted that the energy from local and visiting teams is contagious, and the Hampton staff has found how easy it is to become major fans of the sport. “We are thrilled to be an official partner of the Glendale Raptors. We support our local community – we are driving pride and team spirit within the hotel. When teams stay with us, their energy brings the excitement of rugby not just to the city of Glendale, but also to our staff and guests.” Glendale’s Hampton is poised to make waves in 2018 as Major League Rugby bursts onto the American professional sports scene, further capitalizing on the ten-year partnership.

A trusted travel haven, Glendale’s Hampton Inn & Suites offers guaranteed service and comfort, just as Glendale rugby assures its fans of competition at the highest level. Asked about the hotel’s relationship with Infinity Park, Olenick offered this final reflection: “We are proud to have been a sponsor of Infinity Park from the very beginning. It has been rewarding to see the organization’s hard work and dedication pay off. The possibilities of what Major League Rugby could bring to Glendale are endless, and we could not be more excited for what’s to come.” Alongside Olenick and her team, anticipation in Glendale and the rest of the world is high for the arrival of professional rugby in the United States. With all eyes on the future, Glendale and Hampton will continue their lasting and meaningful partnership, ushering one another into a new era of success.