Glendale Raptors Announce Official Sports Brand Partner: Arcanum Sports Performance

The Glendale Raptors are pleased to announce Arcanum Sports Performance (Arcanum) as their official sports brand sponsor for the inaugural 2018 season of Major League Rugby. Denver-based Arcanum creates a unique suite of products infused with full spectrum activated hemp extract that limit downtime and support healthy recovery, thereby aiding the overall performance of the athletes. Arcanum products represent a shift toward incorporating daily cannabinoid therapy into pre- and post-training regimens, as well as a significant scientific achievement in the realm of plant-based remedies.

Arcanum’s line uses organic Colorado-grown activated hemp extract, cultivated by the hemp industry pioneers at Mary’s Nutritionals, to provide athletes a means of natural supplementation and performance enhancement. The entire Arcanum product line is scientifically formulated to target one of the body’s largest neuroreceptor systems, the Endocannabinoid System, which has been widely reported to regulate a number of physiological processes including maintaining homeostasis and cellular health.

Partner and co-owner of Arcanum, Lindsey Mintz, herself a former professional athlete and bodybuilder, explains the company’s decision to partner with the Raptors: “Arcanum brings together cutting edge technology with centuries-old plant-based medicinal knowledge,” she said. “The result is an all-natural product suite that can serve as an alternative for recovery. We look forward to educating athletes about the benefits of full spectrum activated hemp as well as being a part of the upward trend of rugby, both internationally and in the United States.”

Mintz went on to describe Arcanum’s product line, specifically as it applies to the Raptors: “We are excited to offer these athletes a product that can help them perform at the level that the fans and coaches expect, without putting undue stress on their internal systems. By using Arcanum, they’re supplementing their natural systems and truly upgrading themselves.” Raptors Assistant Coach Ted Browner says that the line has already helped the team with training and preparation: “We love the product. The lads use it after training to help with sore muscles. It gets them back on the field faster.”

Arcanum representatives will be onsite at Infinity Park during all Raptors home games, both in the pregame Fanzone and in the Stadium Concourse. Arcanum will also present each game’s Raptor of the Match. Building upon a 10-year history of distinction, the Glendale Raptors are proud to partner with Arcanum in their inaugural season of professional rugby.

About Arcanum Sports Performance
As the sports and fitness focused brand of Mary’s Nutritionals, Arcanum Sports Performance formulates and produces products infused with full spectrum activated hemp extract developed by PhD biochemists to help bring the average active person to the top tier professional athlete. A portion of every Arcanum purchase is dedicated to providing and funding alternative health options for United States Veterans.