Colorado Raptors Welcome Natures Educators To The Nest

Natures Educators Logo

Just 30 minutes South of Glendale near Castle Rock, Nature’s Educators, a 501c non-profit wildlife program, hosts around 30 raptors and birds of prey. Many of these birds have been injured and rehabilitated but are unable to rejoin other birds in the wild for their own safety.


Established in 2008, Nature’s Educators travel throughout Colorado and its surrounding states to give educational presentations to schools, libraries, nature centers, festivals, events, and more. The group also offers continuing education for wildlife professionals and will be offering wildlife rehabilitation in the near future. Nature’s Educators follows this tenant: “For People. For Professionals. For Wildlife.”

The raptor category of birds includes hawks, owls, eagles, and falcons. Raptors display specific characteristics making them unique in the bird family. The qualities include a hooked beak, strong feet with sharp talons, keen eyesight, and a carnivorous diet.

Like our Colorado Raptors – these incredible animals show strength and prowess when hunting their prey. These birds are a large part of the wildlife landscape that makes Colorado so great.


The Colorado Raptors discovered this amazing group in the summer of 2019 and have created a partnership that will bring many Raptor ambassadors to our home matches. Fans will be able to visit with Nature’s Educators representatives and possibly see some special Raptor flights during matches.

We are excited to adopt Nature’s Educators into the Colorado Raptors family and look forward to their participation along with the opportunities for our rugby players to interact with these very special creatures. For more information about this organization, you can visit their website at